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          Boy Scout® Neckerchiefs  "Blank, or Custom Embroidered in all styles made your way!! 

Established in 1885, we are now celebrating 125 years & 5 Generations in our "family owned" & operated, full service Embroidery and Promotional Products Business. Let a Moritz Embroidery sales person help you design a BSA® approved custom embroidered neckerchief for your Troop or Council today.


A neckerchief (sometimes spelled kneckerchief) is a type of neckwear generally associated with Scouting™ organizations around the world as well as sailors (both civilian and military).

A neckerchief consists of a triangular piece of cloth or a rectangular piece folded into a triangle. The long edge is rolled towards the point, leaving a portion unrolled. The neckerchief is then fastened around the neck with the ends either tied or clasped with a slide.

Take some time and we will help you create your very own Council, Troop, Camp, or special event neckerchief. We can add all kinds of special effects to your Troop or Council Neckerchiefs including


                          Special Effects for Neckerchiefs

PUFFED UP embroidery that is raised above the neckerchief fabric, metallic & glow in the dark colors, extra piping edge borders, special metal bolo tie end tips in gold or silver plated all shown on the right side of this page


   Examples: Boy Scout Troop Neckerchiefs with "Custom" Designs"


     Examples: Boy Scout Troop Neckerchief "Stock" Designs.


   Stock Number SPN #1          StockNumber SPN#2

 Minimum order on the above 2 "Stock Troop Design" Neckerchiefs is just 25 Pcs. Choose any Fabric Background Color and any Border Piping Edge Color. These 2 "Stock Design" Troop Neckerchiefs are ready to add your Troop #, Town & State.  NO SET-UP Charges. 2 week production time 

          Priced as low as $7.50 each base on order quantity's.

                 Most al major Credit Cards are accepted

                     Call Now To Order 1-800 533-4183

Neckerchief Fabric and Thread Color Cards


Please click on the link below to see all of the available Neckerchief Fabric and Thread Colors.


Our Standard Official Size BSA® Neckerchiefs are 49.5"x35"x35"

Cub Scout Size Neckerchiefs are available in size 37" X 25" X 25" for the smaller guys !!

Custom made "Larger or Smaller Size Neckerchiefs" are available at NO extra charge. Just let your Moritz Sales Specialist know the Neckerchief size that you're looking for.

                                       Blank Neckerchiefs.

ALL solid colors are available for our blank neckerchiefs with most any matching or contrasting outer edge sewn trim.We also offer are standard Curved Rounded or Straight Pointed Bottom Edges for all our neckerchief styles.Our minimum order on blank neckerchiefs is just 50 pcs. "However" you can "mix and match" different colors in order to meet our 50 pcs. minimum.order.

Please see our Fabric Color Choices in the link listed pvided above. We only use the finest "wrinkle Free" poly cotton fabrics to create your custom neckerchief and all neckerchiefs are hand cut, sewn and inspected before and after they are embroidered.


                      Custom Direct Embroidered BSA(R) Neckerchiefs

 The neckerchiefs shown below is only one examples of what we can offer your Troop. Just e-mail us your design idea showing what you what would like to see in your custom made Troo[ neckerchief and we will be happy design and e-mail a digital proof to you within a few days time. Minimum Order just 25 Pcs.

                           E-mail your Neckerchief Rough Sketch Design Idea today.




Direct Embroidery or Sewn on emblem styles are available on all of our neckerchief styles at the most affordable pricing. We can also attach your Moritz Embroidered Emblems to your neckerchiefs at just $0.50 each additional charge. Please call and ask your Moritz sales specialest about our one time embroidery digitizing set-up charges and receive a firm price quotation in minutes.Order extra sew onTroop Emblems along with your neckerchiefs at a reduced cost


                                            Moritz can handle any Neckerchief job.!!

E-mail us your Rough Sketch, Direct Embroidery or sew on Emblem artwork and color choices for a fast price quotation right back to you,

Delivery time is three weeks from receipt of your order and approved artwork. Our custom embroidered emblems can be sewn onto your neckerchiefs for just $0.50 each.



Neckerchief with single border, your choice of colors

Standard 2 Color BSA® Neckerchiefs prices as low as $5.50.each 

Neckerchief with double border, your choice of colors

Minimum Order 25 Neckerchiefs. Please call for pricing

Neckerchief with triple border, your choice of colors.

Minimum Order 25 Neckerchiefs. Please call for pricing.

2 color neckerchief with single border, your choice of colors.

Minimum Order 25 Neckercheifs. Please call for pricing

Metal "bolo tie style" tips, gold-plated or silver-plated, are available for neckerchiefs.

Minimum Order 25 Neckerchiefs. Please call for pricing

Click Here to see our Neckerchief Fabric Color Charts


Again Remember... Moritz is the patch and neckerchief manufacturer that guarantees its delivery promise of your patches or neckerchiefs are FREE!



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